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Update Log

The log dates go by Month/Day/Year, from recent to oldest.

Log #3 - 6/8/2024

Remade the home page once again, and added some more stuff to it! The "stuff" being a "Who is the Webmaster?" section, an activity section, and a little place to just ramble for now.

I've also added some more things to the sidebar! There are now little icons next to the headers, and I redid all of the navigation bars.

Log #2 - 12/18/2023

ANOTHER UPDATE!! Winter break's got me extremely motivated now that I have not that much to do, so more updates to my funny little website!

I made some changes to the sidebar, and more specifically, stylized the headers, merged some navigation bars, added a guestbook, and added a webrings + cliques section.

Besides the changes to the sidebar, I also changed the background of the not found page, and was able to make the update log!

Log #1 - 12/17/2023

Huge index and not found page revamp, along with made an entirely new home page!

The navigation isn't working at the moment, as I have yet to make the pages that connect to the buttons.

This page is themed after my TF2sona, Spob! He is big Spongebob fan and likes sitting in water.