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BLU Soldier from Team Fortress 2 sitting down with a shovel in hand.


Welcome to to my website private!

This is a personal site that serves as a home for my thoughts and interests! My presence on the internet has become quite fragmented, causing me to post about one thing on one platform and something else on another in order to stay out of trouble online. So, I decided to finally cave in and learn to code a website to truly express all of my ideas in one place.

Like many other sites, this will forever be a work in progress. Over time, I'll add pages and remove some. I hope you enjoy your stay here!


Content of the Month is where I display something I'm proud for that month! Check out the C.M. page for more details!

Who is the Webmaster?

Hello!! The webmaster of would be me, Rukani / Ruki!!

I'm a guy that specializes in creating things for fun. Those things can range from art, to writing, to even web design.

You can learn more about me by looking around the site or by going to my about page.

Something on my Mind

It has been just so long since I lasted worked on this site, and just coded in general! School has absolutely beaten me up and now that it's summer break, I've decided to return! While I have lots of energy to just burn now, I have unfortunately forgotten most of my coding knowledge. @_@ But it's finee, I'll relearn as I go :thumbs_up:

Something I am aiming for this site during the summer, is to make an about page. Besides that, I am hoping to eventually work on coding some shrines. The main ones I have in mind would be Spongebob, TF2. and the persona franchise.


Doing? Getting back into coding!?!?

Happening? Summer break!!!

Playing? Persona 3 Portable, SBSP: Battle for Bikini Bottom - Rehydrated

Watching? Anything persona related